Artistic Facial Profiling

Image describing Artistic Facial Profiling treatment

Just like an artist requires the correct brush, canvas, and vision to create a masterpiece, so too does the professional looking at your face.

Our faces are three-dimensional structures requiring aesthetic golden ratios such as symmetry, the horizontal 'rule of equal facial thirds' (upper, middle and lower face), and the vertical 'rule of facial fifths'. The science and art of combining such principles will not only balance, but accentuate facial features from any desired profile.

Artistic Facial Profiling is this unique skill of combining these scientific principles of beauty with artistry to sculpt a visually balanced and attractive face.

MR Aesthetics applies Fibonacci's golden ratio principles alongside his own signature techniques to create this masterpiece. This can be in the form of the most popular set packages (as seen below), or a completely bespoke package where the entire face at all angles is considered.

All artistic packages begin with a full facial assessment, followed by an agreed bespoke plan and treatments creating the most balanced version of you. This is a skill that has been acquired by MR Aesthetics through years of training, practice, and an artistic eye to detail.

I pride my work on discussing your face in much detail explaining the look to suit you, areas to treat, treatment options and to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to contact MR Aesthetics with any questions/concerns.

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