Cheek Sculpting

Image describing Cheek Sculpting treatment

According to researchers at the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (Draelos, Z.,2007), it was reported when surveying 20,000 individuals of various ethnic backgrounds that those considered most attractive all possessed high cheekbones. Additionally, high symmetrical cheekbones were considered to balance the entire face as well as an indicator of youthfulness, beauty, and eligibility when choosing a partner.

Dermal Fillers used in the cheeks can restore structure, volume, contour, and create an attractive central facial triangle, also referred to as the Ogee Curve. The Ogee Curve describes the double S-shaped curvature along the cheeks that provides the face with contour and dimension and is attributed to youth and vitality as the cheekbones are high and full. This will differ in terms of angle and width between male vs female faces.

In aesthetic medicine, prominence of cheekbones for both male/female faces is considered a vital element as structural support to the upper face, whilst creating a potential ‘lifting effect’ to the skin in the lower face. This, in turn, can reduce or prevent the formation of Nasolabial Folds and/or jowls.


Clinic Price
Knightsbridge £300
Hertfordshire £250


30 minutes






Minimal and anesthetic optional


Light swelling for 3-4 days


12-18 months

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