Chin Sculpting

Image describing Chin Sculpting treatment

Chin structure is often genetic and a crucial facial structure in defining the lower face, as well as side profile. For example, a small weak chin has the potential to visually exaggerate jowl formation, change the frontal shape of the lower face, and create an uneven side profile.

Chin Fillers can be used to balance both front and side profiles (males vs. female chins will differ), correct chin asymmetry, have a skin ‘tightening’ effect around the chin, and aesthetically enhance the lower face shape.

This treatment has recently become more popular when desiring aesthetic profile balancing with the nose/lips, and/or nicely combining with jawline treatments to create a completely streamlined lower face contour. As already mentioned, each bespoke chin shape and structure can be used to enhance the lower face contours by either feminising or masculinising.


Clinic Price
Knightsbridge £300
Hertfordshire £250


30 minutes






Minimal and anesthetic optional


Light swelling for 3-4 days


12-18 months

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