Lip Enhancement

Image describing Lip Enhancement treatment

With the rise in non-surgical enhancements and celebrity influences globally, lip fillers have certainly risen as one of the most popular and requested aesthetic procedures. We are all naturally drawn to lips as they are crucial to talking, expressing emotions, complimenting other facial features, kissing, and most importantly a central focus point in balancing our lower faces.

Our lips too can be affected by aging, lifestyle factors, and habitual repetitive expressions which in turn can result in the loss of structure and/or volume over time.

Non-surgical lip filler treatments can be used to create Leonardo Da Vinci's divine golden ratio lip proportion, by enhancing:

  • Contour (structure)
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Lip volume
  • Lip projection
  • Treat corners of the mouth


Clinic Price
Knightsbridge £250
Hertfordshire £200


30 minutes






Minimal and anesthetic optional


Light swelling for 3-4 days


6 months

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