Marionette Lines

Image describing Marionette Lines treatment

Throughout history, puppeteers would create a split between the corners of the mouth and jawline in order to make the puppet look like they’re talking. This term is used in aesthetics as it perfectly describes the similar fold where a crease develops from the corners of the mouth extending to the chin/jawline area. This will often give the visual appearance of a permanently ‘sad’ expression which is why it can become easily concerning.

These folds are caused by ageing, lifestyle factors, and genetics, and if left untreated can further progress jowl formation. Dermal Filler treatments to the marionette area help in softening, elevating, and smoothing this crease in order to remove this look of a ‘sad’ expression.


Clinic Price
Knightsbridge £300
Hertfordshire £250


30 minutes






Minimal and anesthetic optional


Light swelling for 3-4 days


6 months

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