MR Masculinisation Package

Image describing MR Masculinisation Package treatment Image describing MR Masculinisation Package treatment

Facial attractiveness is often judged through a combination of factors such as face shape and skin quality. Facial attractiveness also plays a pivotal role in social perception and interactions, such as eligibility as a partner, personality judgments, and sometimes being favored and so earning a higher income.

In 2019, GQ magazine reported that most people perceive a male face with prominent cheekbones, a rugged jawline, and angular features to represent higher levels of testosterone, confidence, dominance, and manliness. We also see these same facial characteristics on designer billboards where famous male celebrity faces like Chris Hemsworth, Adam Levine, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine, etc, articulate these same facial masculine ideals.

Once upon a time male facial aesthetics was a discreet taboo subject and avoided, especially as the aesthetics market mainly catered to the female face. However, the male aesthetic landscape has now become more diverse, with more treatment options available to not only reverse the signs of aging but to also create that razor-sharp masculine jawline and angles once only dreamt of. Despite being happy with the faces men are born with, or all the long hours spent at the gym, a strong wide chin and jawline are desired indicators of athleticism, youthfulness, and low body fat composition.

Dermal Fillers can be used to sculpt these desired male features of a well defined strong chiseled chin/jawline. This signature treatment package is designed to create a more masculinised lower face with tough edges/angles of the chin and jawline.

The Masculinisation package consists of Chin Sculpting (1ml) and Jawline Sculpting (1ml).


Clinic Price
Knightsbridge £500
Hertfordshire £450


45-60 minutes






Minimal and anesthetic optional




12-18 months

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