MR Profile Balancing Package

Image describing MR Profile Balancing Package treatment Image describing MR Profile Balancing Package treatment

Despite our faces being three-dimensional, our attention is often drawn to the frontal face view as this provides the easiest angle to seeing top to bottom facial proportions (including hairstyles), provides a general outline of facial features, and displays factors such as skin quality, the eyes, etc.

When we look beyond this one-dimensional frontal angle to the side profile, our eyes now begin to hone in on the detailed silhouette of our nose, lips, and chin. The often-overlooked side profile (difficult to see in the mirror) is as crucial as the frontal face view when discussing complete aesthetic balance, because angles and ratios of our noses, lips, and chin cannot be hidden, collective visual imbalances can often create dislike/insecurity in one's own face, and most importantly the side profile is an essential part to our three-dimensional face.

Combining dermal filler treatment to address visible imbalances will transform a side profile into perfect balance and harmony. This is performed using artistic signature techniques and aesthetic principles (such as Ricketts E-Plane or Steiners S-Line) to create an aesthetically balanced side profile, as well as from every angle.

This signature Profile Balancing treatment package combines two (of three) treatment areas from the nose(1ml), chin(1ml), and/or lips(1ml).

NB: If you wish to consult regarding all three areas (nose, chin, and lips), please enquire as to a Bespoke Package.


Clinic Price
Knightsbridge £500
Hertfordshire £450


45-60 minutes






Minimal and anesthetic optional




12-18 months

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