Tear Trough

Image describing Tear Trough treatment Image describing Tear Trough treatment

Often described as the under-eye hollows, sunken eyes, or dark circles manifesting between the lower eyelid and cheek. Tear Trough or under-eye hollows can occur as a result of midface volume loss, excessive exercise, aging, stress, lack of sleep, and always and often associated with looking tired.

Tear Trough hollowing tends to be one of the earliest visible signs of aging and sometimes begins from adolescence onwards. As we get older, this under-eye hollowing changes by gradually becoming more hollow, darker, and creating depressions that make the eyes look somewhat sunken and create unattractive dark shadows.

The use of Tear Trough fillers is a popular treatment to correct volume loss under the eyes and in the mid-face resulting in softening of wrinkles and lines. This treatment has the ability to reverse signs of aging around the eyes and creates a much improved refreshed appearance.

The technique used for this treatment is with the use of a blunt micro-cannula, which not only improves safety (compared to needles) but makes the entire treatment more comfortable and relatively time-efficient. The choice of HA dermal filler used for this treatment is specifically licensed for the treatment of the under eyes only, and also contains a mixture of Vitamins and anti-oxidants which help restore skin hydration, promotes skin cell regeneration and evens out skin tone underneath the eyes.


Clinic Price
Knightsbridge £350
Hertfordshire £300


30 minutes






Minimal and anesthetic optional


Light swelling for 3-4 days


6 months

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